Tyler, the Creator Drops Surprise Rap Jammy “OKRA”

One Take Tyler should def become a thing...or an EP 🤔...

I pretty much enjoy anything Tyler, the Creator does, from his visuals, to his apparel lines, to “throwaways” like his latest drop “OKRA.”

Over the past few years, Tyler has unleashed freestyles similar to “OKRA” demonstrating a lyrical ability akin to a whirlwind comprised of quips, jabs, boasts, and throbbing beats . It’s a delight that seeps into your ears and fills your headspace in a refreshing way. Plus it reminded me of Kel Mitchell’s hilarious Okrah Winfrey character from All That.

Enjoy the “OKRA” video below:

I hope we get a One Take Tyler EP somewhere down the line.

One more thing…go stream, buy, or download Flower Boy by Tyler, the Creator.

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