“Tyrant” Kali Uchis ft Jorja Smith

Check out the new video for Kali Uchis and Jorja Smith's "Tyrant," an ode to the emotional slalom that is love.

Felt like sharing this because it’s a joint that I heard while scrolling through Twitter and it sent a jolt through me powerful enough to make me roll out of bed and put these fingertips to this keyboard.

Kali Uchis has been a longtime favorite of mine. Her music and her voice are enchanting. Something about her grabs and sonically squeezes you like a bewitching boa constrictor. I had the benefit of seeing her open up for Kehlani down at SXSW in 2015 and found myself wondering why she was the opener.

On this track, she’s accompanied by the English chanteuse from across the pond, Jorja Smith. She may be new to some but is well on her way to becoming a voice and artist that you’ll grow to love.

The two are bathed in a mélange of colors, kaleidoscopic visual effects, and cap the vibe of the visual with some nouveau-retro chic garb. Captivating from beginning to end.

Check out the video for their ode to the emotional slalom that is love in the video for “Tyrant” above. Download the single here.

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