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Ikea Releases New Frakta Bags with Instructions on How You Can Give Them New Life

Adweek shares a new video by Ikea showing you all of the ways that you can customize its iconic Frakta bag.

This new video released by Ikea might be a sign that they’re paying close attention to what’s been going on in the far corners of the internet dedicated to DIY fashion.

As part of their “Sustainable Living” campaign the Swiss kitchen and home decor specialists have unveiled a video showcasing their new Frakta bags which feature instructions on how you can turn one into just about anything.

Dubai’s Memac Ogilvy & Mather came up with the genius idea that shows how you can turn the bag into things like baby bibs, hammocks, and much more. Here’s what they had to say about the new take on the classic Frakta bag.

“We simply printed a set of lines on the inside of each Frakta bag, turning it from ‘just’ a bag into a product with endless possibilities. It’s pretty much reflecting what the entire product range of Ikea promises.”

They weren’t the only ones to realize the Frakta bag’s possibilities. The internet has been riddled with folks trying their hand at transforming the versatile bag into any and everything, from rucksacks to head-turning kicks. Check out some of the gems from the web below.

A spin on a Balenciaga sneaker after they released their $2,145 version of the Frakta:
balenciaga trainer ikea

A cap:
chinatown market ikea caps

A backpack:
ikea backpack

A Frakta Facemask:
ikea frakta facemask

The Shoe Surgeon even whipped up a pair of Air Jordan 1s with a jacket to match:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


h/t: AdWeek & Hypebeast

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